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About Company

CME Plastics is a fast, friendly, full service machine shop specializing in R&D projects, repairs, modifications, prototypes and small to medium quantity production. We service a wide spectrum of Industries from smaller local manufacturers to large Fortune 500 Companies. Our experience and communication skills enable us to work easily with anyone within your organization. whether it's a one man Maintenance Shop with a worn shaft or a fast track Engineering Group requiring a complicated machined prototype. CME Plastics has been in business for over 25 years, and our employees have been in the plastics business for over 35 years, during this time we have developed a strategy for building equipment which we refer to as the (KIS) method. This is a simple acronym for Keep It Simple. We found with today's technology some companies tend to go over board and complicate the entire process of extruding pipe and profiles.

Our Mission

CME Plastics, Inc. will provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by keeping abreast of the ever-changing dynamics of today's industry. Through continuous improvement, and our valued employees, we are committed to quality and service that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations.


Quality is our philosophy with every design, construction, and sale of our corrugators and downstream equipment. We provide tooling and molds for a broad range of industries. CME Plastics supplies the plastics community with machines that have a simple format and are able to be maintained at a low cost.