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Legal Notice and Disclaimer Statement
Purchase User Agreement

1. Introduction
We thank you for visiting our website.  For us to maintain integrity and a trustworthy place of business for you the buyer and seller.  We kindly require all users and visitors to our site to accept and comply with the full content of this agreement.  If at any time the terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, you should cease all use of this website.

2. Corporate
This website is owned and operated to its entirety by CME plastics, Inc. located in the United States of America.

3. Listing Agreement
CME Plastics will list your equipment for sale based on a listing agreement tailored to a mutually agreed upon requirement.  

4. Commissions
For any sale completed, seller agrees to pay CME Plastics a commission as mutually agreed by both parties as indicated in the listing agreement.

5. Disclaimer
This site presents the best of our knowledge but type setting or human errors may and can occur.  CME Plastics reserves the right to make changes or improvements at any time.  The physical condition of the used and re-manufactured equipment is based on the sellers description "Excellent", "Good", or "As Is" condition.  CME Plastics disclaims all expressed or implied warranties to merchantability, accuracy, timeliness, usability to the user or any third parties.  The buyer assumes the full responsibility and entire cost of all equipment servicing, repairs, or corrections required to assure full state and federal safety requirements.  

6. Restriction of Liability
CME Plastics shall have no tort or other liability to user and or third parties using this site for any loss of profit, indirect, consequential, special or incidental for punitive damages whatsoever, even if  CME Plastics has been advised of the possibility of damages.  CME Plastics total liability to you for all losses (negligence, contract tort without limitations or otherwise) will not be greater than the amount it cost you to access this site.  

7. Arbitration
This agreement shall be interceded in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.  These parties hereby irrevocably consent to bring any action to enforce this agreement in the courts located in the State of Michigan, USA, some foreign countries and other US States provide rights in addition to those above and do not allow exclusions or limitations of implied liabilities or warranties for consequential or incidental damages.  Therefore the above limitations may not apply to you.  There may be state provisions which supersede the above.  Any portion of above disclaimer declared invalid by the appropriate authority shall be deemed servable and shall not affect the validity of enforceability of the remainder.  The above stated terms of the disclaimer governed by the State of Michigan, may be amended only in writing signed by CME Plastics authorized personnel.  

8. User Privacy
CME Plastics will protect the users privacy at no time will we sell your name or contact information to any other party.  By accepting this agreement we are granted the right to use your information for third party contact.  

9. Proprietary Property
The content of this website and all accompanying information such as photographs, software, graphic illustrations and any other materials including but not limited to copy rights and trademarks are the sole property of CME Plastics and may not be transmitted, published, modified, sold or exploited without the explicit written consent of CME Plastics.

10. User Notification
Any information supplied to CME Plastics for purposes of registration or listings by its users, such as photos, videos, graphic displays, technical specifications or any other materials shall become the property of this website, we reserve the right to distribute, copy, edit, publish and otherwise use in any medium any or all content without compensation to the user.  You the user guarantees that the information supplied to us meets Federal, State or Local Statutes or ordinances,  does not infringe on any third party copyrights, proprietary rights, involve the sale of stolen or counterfeit assets, contain any computer viruses or any other derogatory programming which is intended to damage or harm this website or any of its users.  

11. Limitation
We reserve the right to change, modify or alter any or all of its contents of this agreement at any time without prior notifications.


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