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Model CM2100 Corrugator

New technical profile corrugator for the production of convoluted tubing and pipe.

Pipe corrugator for the production of corrugated plastic tubing from 6mm ID to 65mm OD.


-Manually operated corrugator travel on base to move corrugator to or away from

  extruder head.

-Water cooling system for mold blocks cooling, integrally installed.

-Variable speed AC drive for mold block transport.

-Completely wired control station and panel box mounted on corrugator base with

  extruder interlock, two emergency stop buttons on either end of machine.

-Production speed indicator.

-Production counter.

-Volt meter.

-Amp meter

-Dry test run at factory.

-Center height adjustment.

-Optional vacuum package.


Key Benefits

  • Horizontal design

  • Simple design

  • Easy to maintain


   CM2100 Corrugator